Monthly Archives: December 2011

rick + his girls (look familiar?)

If you think these photos look similar to another recent photoshoot – you’re right! Deanna and Laura are identical twin sisters – with daughters almost identical ages. When Laura emailed me about doing family portraits for Deanna, I was so happy – it was such a joy to shoot Laura’s family that I knew Deanna’s would be no different. And I was completely right – Rick, Deanna, Bella and Liv were a dream to photograph. Not only are they a beautiful family, but they have a beautiful home. I enjoyed my time there so much and am especially thankful to David for helping out with the girls during some of the shots!


the hoppe brothers

I hope your parents love your pictures!


christmastime with the nephews

I really do love this photography thing, and I love it even more when I get to take pictures of my family. My nephews, Luke Thomas (arrived on May 31st), Noah Daniel (4 years old) and Benjamin Joshua (2 years old) are so fun for pictures. Noah and Benjamin have such distinct personalities already. Noah is quiet, cautious and sweet; Benjamin is daring and spunky. I am really excited to see what personality Luke takes on – I know it will be a big one, just like his brothers! This is the photoshoot for their Christmas card.