monty + his girls, part 2

Laura and Monty asked us to take pictures of the girls again six months after their last photoshoot to see how the girls have changed over time. It is so fun to see Lucy (turns 4 in March!) and Jules (turns 1 the day after Lucy’s birthday!) grow up. My favorite part is seeing them begin to interact as sisters. I’m looking forward to taking their pictures again in the future to see how quickly they change. We were even able to get a few pictures of Monty and Laura together. Check out the painting on the wall of the picture of the two of them – Monty painted that! Another awesome part was that my new camera came right before the photoshoot, so David was able to second shoot with me – yay! You’ll see many of his shots below.

DSC_0103.jpgDSC_0005 (1).jpgDSC_0015 (1).jpgDSC_0065.jpgDSC_0102.jpgDSC_0036.jpgDSC_0134.jpgDSC_0140 (1).jpgDSC_0056.jpgDSC_0199.jpgDSC_0067.jpgDSC_0224.jpgDSC_0235.jpgDSC_0237.jpgDSC_0307.jpgDSC_0256.jpgDSC_0302.jpgDSC_0145.jpgDSC_0144.jpg


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