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the expanding reeves family

If you follow our work, you’ll already know these sweet faces – our three nephews! And exciting news – another is on the way! Melissa and Josh have another baby BOY joining Noah (6), Benjamin (4) and Luke (2). We wanted to get some updated photos of the boys before their new brother arrives. We’re so excited to meet our new nephew – stay tuned for pictures of a sweet little one in late August.


On our walk back to the car after some drive in A&W with the boys, David grabbed this super cool photo of a hot air balloon!

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baby evan is here!

Baby Evan was one of the easiest newborns I had ever seen! He was such a sweet sleeper that we could get lots of great pictures. His brother, Tyler, was so fun and full of energy. I had such a fun morning with the whole family!


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the obenchain family

The Obenchain family photos took us to the trail and barn area of the Matthai Botanical Gardens. The Obenchains have two darling kids (5 and 2) and even though we missed the fall colors by a week or so, the trails were great for photos.


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the macdonells!

Coming back from a vacation is never fun – but photographing families like the MacDonells when we return makes it a bit better :) We spent some time with their three boys before school started – can’t believe it’s already the fall!




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the boys are growing!

Our nephews are growing so fast! We love being able to document their changes each year. This photoshoot was neat because it was almost exactly a year after Luke was born. Now, the boys are 5, 3 and 1 – and all three have so much personality that is all their own.


Check out this picture – the first one is this year, the one below is from when Luke was 10 days old (courtesy of Nicole Ladonne Photography) – I can’t believe how big they are getting!

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the hoppe brothers

I hope your parents love your pictures!


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christmastime with the nephews

I really do love this photography thing, and I love it even more when I get to take pictures of my family. My nephews, Luke Thomas (arrived on May 31st), Noah Daniel (4 years old) and Benjamin Joshua (2 years old) are so fun for pictures. Noah and Benjamin have such distinct personalities already. Noah is quiet, cautious and sweet; Benjamin is daring and spunky. I am really excited to see what personality Luke takes on – I know it will be a big one, just like his brothers! This is the photoshoot for their Christmas card.





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baby luke is here!

We have a new nephew!! Baby Luke Thomas was born on May 31, 2011 and weighed in at 9lbs, 9oz (wow!). He’s as special and darling as his brothers Noah (4) and Benjamin (2). Noah and Benjamin were loving their toy camera (guess I have a Christmas gift idea!) and were so sweet with Luke. They would pause every once in a while in their running around, run to Luke, kiss him and say, “I love you Lukie!” I had the pleasure of second shooting with Nicole Ladonne – see her photos here!

DSC_0148.jpgDSC_0033.jpgDSC_0011.jpgDSC_0058.jpgColoring.jpgDouble.jpgDSC combine.jpgDSC_0015.jpgDSC_0046.jpgDSC_0049.jpgDSC_0050.jpgDSC_0052.jpgDSC_0140.jpgDSC_0154.jpgDSC_0157.jpg

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