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chris + kyri

David and I are going to be shooting Chris and Kyri’s wedding in August (on the beach!!), so we were really excited to get to work with them for some engagement photos before their big day! We started off at Hudson Mills Metropark and ended at Zukey Lake Tavern – a great start to a long weekend. Thanks for coming out to Dexter, Chris and Kyri – can’t wait for August!


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ryan + julie

Ryan and Julie have been great friends of ours for a long, long time, so it was fun to take a few minutes before dinner to take some pictures. Julie is leaving for an internship in Ghana for the summer, so we thought it would be nice for them to have some photos together before she left. The only thing missing was their puppy Tootsie, but I’m sure we’ll get some pictures with her soon! These photos were taken in downtown Plymouth – I had no idea that Plymouth was so cute!







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baby josiah is here!

This blog post is so special to me that I have been sitting here for a while trying to figure out what to say, so I will just start from the beginning. In 6th grade, I told Katie I was getting a pool and she should come over and swim in it that summer (see really old – and slightly embarrassing – picture). Sixteen years later, we are still best friends, even though we live many states apart. I cannot put into words the joy I have to be visiting Katie, Brian, and their new son Josiah James (JJ) in Vermont this week. JJ is just a month old and is already the sweetest little boy in the whole world. I can’t wait to watch him grow up – and am so grateful for technology so I can! Katie, Brian and JJ – I hope you like your pictures! With love, Sarah

DSC_0185.jpgWhat a beautiful family!Love the backdrop of Vermont - so pretty!DSC_0074.jpgDSC_0096.jpgDSC_0109.jpgDSC_0123.jpgDSC_0132.jpgCaught Brian doing the Heisman pose with JJ - starting him early!DSC_0182.jpgDSC_0194.jpgKatie's dad bought her this wonderful ring with JJs's February birthstone!Sports theme nursery - with JJ's hospital information!DSC_0209.jpgDSC_0210.jpgwhoa - watch it Brian!DSC_0226.jpgDSC_0249.jpgDSC_0257.jpgDSC_0268.jpgMy best friend is a mom - I can't believe it!!




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baby moira is here!

You might remember Tricia, Eric and Liesel from Liesel’s one year photoshoot. This beautiful family has added another baby girl – Moira Jane! She was born on February 8th and we were able to head down to Indianapolis to take Moira’s newborn photos when she was just 10 days old. Tricia is one of my very best friends and it warms my heart to see her so happy with her two beautiful daughters. Tricia and Eric are truly wonderful and loving parents, as I am sure you can see in the pictures!




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tim is getting married!

Timotei and Ashley got married in the beginning of July on a hot day in Sturgis, Michigan. Tim asked me if I would be willing to take some pre-wedding pictures of the guys getting ready, and of course I said yes – especially because one of the groomsmen was really, really good looking (and also luckily happens to be my husband). I had never been on the “guys side” of a wedding, and it was a really cool experience. It was fun to see how excited Tim was and to see all the guys supporting Tim.



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mike + erin + trey

Mike and Erin are great friends of ours that have had a really interesting last few years, including being drafted in the MLB, winning America’s Most Desperate Landscape on the DIY Network, having baby Trey 6 months ago, and buying a house 1.86 miles away from ours. We have developed a really fun relationship with Mike, Erin and Trey from playing Settlers every night the two weeks before Trey was born to brainstorming (and normally shooting down) new business ideas with Mike. I was excited to take some pictures of them with Trey (his real name is Michael but he’s the third one… hence, Trey) this week.


DSC_0022.jpgDSC_0016.jpgDSC_0024.jpgDSC_0025.jpgDSC_0027.jpgDSC_0041.jpgDSC_0061.jpgDSC_0062.jpgDSC_0066.jpgDSC_0092.jpgDSC_0102.jpgDSC_0108.jpgDSC_0119.jpgDSC_0122.jpgDSC_0134 (2).jpgDSC_0140.jpgDSC_0149.jpgDSC_0174.jpgDSC_0206.jpgDSC_0231.jpgDSC_0234.jpgDSC_0241.jpg


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baby liesel – one year old!

DSC_0216.jpgDSC_0016.jpgDSC_0034.jpgDSC_0042.jpgDSC_0065.jpgDouble Pic.jpgDSC_0109.jpgFlower Picking.jpgDSC_0172.jpgDSC_0228.jpgDSC_0242.jpgDSC_0294.jpg
When Tricia and Eric, some of our very best friends, told us they were expecting a baby back in November, it was almost more excitement than I could handle. They waited to find out if they were having a boy or a girl, and didn’t tell us any names – which made it so exciting when Liesel Cosette was born on June 26, 2010! Liesel is already a year old, which seems impossible, and I helped Nicole Ladonne with their one year family photos (see Nicole’s here). It is so fun to be able to capture these moments for our dear friends! Note: Tricia and Eric found out a few days later that they were having a second baby – that makes these pictures even more special and sweet!


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tim loves ashley

Timotei has been a long-time friend, roommate, wedding music mixer and Romanian expert to us, so we were thrilled when Tim introduced us to his wonderful girlfriend Ashley, and even more thrilled when she became his fiance. Tim and Ashley were some of the first to encourage me to get involved in photography by reminding me that I had purchased a nice camera – shouldn’t I know how to use it? Tim, Ashley, Nicole Ladonne and I went to the Arb on a rare non-rainy day this spring to take some engagement photos. It’s always so great to have long-time friends find their long-time love, and Tim and Ashley were no exception. Check out Nicole’s pictures here.


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