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baby emma is here!

Sarah and Tom were surprised to welcome their little girl 7 weeks early – but after just two weeks in the NICU, she’s home, happy, healthy – and beautiful, of course. We had such a fun time getting to meet little Emma and take some photos. She is just the sweetest little girl you can imagine!





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baby josiah is here!

This blog post is so special to me that I have been sitting here for a while trying to figure out what to say, so I will just start from the beginning. In 6th grade, I told Katie I was getting a pool and she should come over and swim in it that summer (see really old – and slightly embarrassing – picture). Sixteen years later, we are still best friends, even though we live many states apart. I cannot put into words the joy I have to be visiting Katie, Brian, and their new son Josiah James (JJ) in Vermont this week. JJ is just a month old and is already the sweetest little boy in the whole world. I can’t wait to watch him grow up – and am so grateful for technology so I can! Katie, Brian and JJ – I hope you like your pictures! With love, Sarah

DSC_0185.jpgWhat a beautiful family!Love the backdrop of Vermont - so pretty!DSC_0074.jpgDSC_0096.jpgDSC_0109.jpgDSC_0123.jpgDSC_0132.jpgCaught Brian doing the Heisman pose with JJ - starting him early!DSC_0182.jpgDSC_0194.jpgKatie's dad bought her this wonderful ring with JJs's February birthstone!Sports theme nursery - with JJ's hospital information!DSC_0209.jpgDSC_0210.jpgwhoa - watch it Brian!DSC_0226.jpgDSC_0249.jpgDSC_0257.jpgDSC_0268.jpgMy best friend is a mom - I can't believe it!!




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baby moira is here!

You might remember Tricia, Eric and Liesel from Liesel’s one year photoshoot. This beautiful family has added another baby girl – Moira Jane! She was born on February 8th and we were able to head down to Indianapolis to take Moira’s newborn photos when she was just 10 days old. Tricia is one of my very best friends and it warms my heart to see her so happy with her two beautiful daughters. Tricia and Eric are truly wonderful and loving parents, as I am sure you can see in the pictures!




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christmastime with the nephews

I really do love this photography thing, and I love it even more when I get to take pictures of my family. My nephews, Luke Thomas (arrived on May 31st), Noah Daniel (4 years old) and Benjamin Joshua (2 years old) are so fun for pictures. Noah and Benjamin have such distinct personalities already. Noah is quiet, cautious and sweet; Benjamin is daring and spunky. I am really excited to see what personality Luke takes on – I know it will be a big one, just like his brothers! This is the photoshoot for their Christmas card.





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baby luke is here!

We have a new nephew!! Baby Luke Thomas was born on May 31, 2011 and weighed in at 9lbs, 9oz (wow!). He’s as special and darling as his brothers Noah (4) and Benjamin (2). Noah and Benjamin were loving their toy camera (guess I have a Christmas gift idea!) and were so sweet with Luke. They would pause every once in a while in their running around, run to Luke, kiss him and say, “I love you Lukie!” I had the pleasure of second shooting with Nicole Ladonne – see her photos here!

DSC_0148.jpgDSC_0033.jpgDSC_0011.jpgDSC_0058.jpgColoring.jpgDouble.jpgDSC combine.jpgDSC_0015.jpgDSC_0046.jpgDSC_0049.jpgDSC_0050.jpgDSC_0052.jpgDSC_0140.jpgDSC_0154.jpgDSC_0157.jpg

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