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savannah is here!

page and anthony are dear friends of ours that have had our back (and given fantastic advice) through some tough times. we are so thankful for them, and were super excited to get some pictures when savannah made her debut (and took her sweet almost 2 weeks overdue time to do so!). she joined sister keira and these two are going to be the best of buds.


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the kerns family

this photoshoot was a long time in the making, with two reschedules! both were completely out of anyone’s control, as it was 28 degrees on Mother’s day (ugh!) and storming our next scheduled date. So, when the heat index was 102 this week, we were NOT going to reschedule! luckily, the kerns family is gorgeous and looked great despite all the heat and humidity.


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the statlers 2013

We have loved documenting the Statler family as they have expanded and grown. Moira is 1 now, and Liesel is almost 3. They are both the sweetest, most lovable girls with all their own personality – as I’m sure you can see :)


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the townsend family

After one reschedule due to snow (in mid-April!) and 20 miles of trying to find each other in Waterloo State Park (did you know it’s the largest state park in the lower peninsula?! We did not…), we finally connected with Lloyd, Amanda, Kyra and Avi. It was Lloyd’s birthday – and what could be more fun than family pictures on your birthday? 😉 The weather was perfect and no one was at Portage Lake, so we had a great time with the whole family. So glad that Amanda brought Avi’s cute little hat along, too!


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fall with the odoms

We cannot believe how much the Odom girls grow each time we are with them! Lucy and Julia are some of our favorite kids (even if sometimes we are not necessarily their favorite people as you can see in one of these photos!), and we love documenting them throughout the years. The Odoms have a beautiful new home and we enjoyed playing in their awesome backyard to get some updated fall photos.



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amanda and lloyd are married!

I have known Amanda for as long as I can remember – she’s my best friend’s sister, which makes her mostly my sister, too! Amanda and Lloyd got married at her uncle’s gorgeous house on the lake. It was a beautiful day after the rain moved out, and was wonderful to celebrate Amanda, Lloyd and Kyra becoming a family – and even more exciting, baby Aviana joined them a few weeks later to make them a family of four. Congratulations, Amanda and Lloyd – what an exciting year you have had!


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the coughlins

After 3 reschedules due to storms, 105 degree weather and power outages, we were finally able to connect with the Coughlin family for their summer family photos. We loved seeing how much the girls have grown since their last photoshoot, and of course, the girls were great to be around again!



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eric and his girls

David and I went down to Indianapolis for a concert and got to stay with Tricia, Eric and the girls again! We also were able to go to a beautiful Indy park and take some more pictures. Moira (4.5 months) has grown so much since her newborn photos and Liesel (2 years on Tuesday!) is just as silly and wonderful as ever! She makes lots of great faces – but as you will see, she definitely gets them from her mother 😉 Taking pictures with them is always a blast, and I am looking forward to many more photoshoots in the future!


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the howisons are in town

The Howisons have been family friends of the Reeves for much longer than I have known David. They gave him his nickname “Reeves David,” bought out half the stickers in Washtenaw County for cards, and threw us a bridal shower. All of the Howison kids have moved all over the country (Washington, North Carolina and Texas), so when Liz told me they would all be in town at the same time, we knew we had to get some photos! There are now four kids (ages 5, 4, 2, and 0.5) and even more laughs than there have been in the past. Hope you all enjoy your photos!



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monty + his girls, part 2

Laura and Monty asked us to take pictures of the girls again six months after their last photoshoot to see how the girls have changed over time. It is so fun to see Lucy (turns 4 in March!) and Jules (turns 1 the day after Lucy’s birthday!) grow up. My favorite part is seeing them begin to interact as sisters. I’m looking forward to taking their pictures again in the future to see how quickly they change. We were even able to get a few pictures of Monty and Laura together. Check out the painting on the wall of the picture of the two of them – Monty painted that! Another awesome part was that my new camera came right before the photoshoot, so David was able to second shoot with me – yay! You’ll see many of his shots below.

DSC_0103.jpgDSC_0005 (1).jpgDSC_0015 (1).jpgDSC_0065.jpgDSC_0102.jpgDSC_0036.jpgDSC_0134.jpgDSC_0140 (1).jpgDSC_0056.jpgDSC_0199.jpgDSC_0067.jpgDSC_0224.jpgDSC_0235.jpgDSC_0237.jpgDSC_0307.jpgDSC_0256.jpgDSC_0302.jpgDSC_0145.jpgDSC_0144.jpg


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