mike + erin + trey

Mike and Erin are great friends of ours that have had a really interesting last few years, including being drafted in the MLB, winning America’s Most Desperate Landscape on the DIY Network, having baby Trey 6 months ago, and buying a house 1.86 miles away from ours. We have developed a really fun relationship with Mike, Erin and Trey from playing Settlers every night the two weeks before Trey was born to brainstorming (and normally shooting down) new business ideas with Mike. I was excited to take some pictures of them with Trey (his real name is Michael but he’s the third one… hence, Trey) this week.


DSC_0022.jpgDSC_0016.jpgDSC_0024.jpgDSC_0025.jpgDSC_0027.jpgDSC_0041.jpgDSC_0061.jpgDSC_0062.jpgDSC_0066.jpgDSC_0092.jpgDSC_0102.jpgDSC_0108.jpgDSC_0119.jpgDSC_0122.jpgDSC_0134 (2).jpgDSC_0140.jpgDSC_0149.jpgDSC_0174.jpgDSC_0206.jpgDSC_0231.jpgDSC_0234.jpgDSC_0241.jpg


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